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Knowledge Check
The major Identity problem with User IDs and Passwords is:

There are too many of them to remember
Others can acquire our UserID/Password and impersonate us
People don't use complicated enough passwords
Companies get hacked and lose passwords

A major privacy issue associated with Internet Identity is that:

Organizations use our password to access our accounts on other sites
Organizations create fake websites to learn our password
Organizations use common identifiers to correlate information about us across sites
Organizations use information about us for personalized marketing

The following is NOT true about Centralized Identifiers:

We create and control our own centralized identifier
Centralized identifier repositories have a high value and so are targets of hackers
Entities that that manage centralized identifiers can take them away
If a centralized repository is hacked, it may impact many people

Which is true about DIDs

Distributed identifiers are given out to all contacts
Decentralized identifiers are (often) published on a blockchain
DIDs are easily remembered, so are easier to use than user IDs
DIDs are safe to use, even if the associated private key is lost

Which do you NOT know after you have successfully verified a HyperLedger Indy Proof

That the claims have not been tampered with
That the claims were issued by the Issuer(s)
That the claims were issued to the Holder/Prover
That the claims have not been revoked
That you can trust the Issuer of the claims

What is a Zero Knowledge Proof

A proof that a Verifiable Credential has been revoked
A proof that tells you nothing
A proof that tells you who issued the Verifiable Credential
A proof of something about a claim without telling you the claim value

Hyperledger Indy has the following blockchain attributes

Private, Permissioned
Private, Permissionless
Public, Permissioned
Public, Permissionless

Hyperledger Indy uses the term Steward to mean

The nodes that operate the Public Ledger data
The software that creates the DIDs
The people that created Hyperledger Indy
Trusted software that issues Verifiable Credentials

The Sovrin Foundation:

Owns the Hyperledger Indy software
Is concerned only with Hyperledger Indy technology
Operates a global instance of Hyperledger Indy
Markets Agents and Wallets to use with Hyperledger Indy

What should never, ever (ever!) go on a Public Blockchain like an instance of Hyperledger Indy:

Public Keys
Verifiable Credential Schema
Private Data

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